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Blogside for English speakers about English-German divorce

English-German divorce

Here comes a side of this blog for English-speakers.

If you are married to an English spouse or if you are English and married with a German spouse, there are special questions to solve the separation as fair and amicable as possible. If you are also looking for a way to get the best results out of a court procedure, you are just right at this blog to get the essential input.

Firstly, here are several question which might appear in this kind of situations:

Where can I go to court for divorce – in the UK or in Germany?

Where do I have to file my divorce petition – in the UK or in Germany?

Which are the advantages and the disadvantages?

Can I get a pension sharing of a German pension by a court in the UK? Can I get a pension sharing of an British Army Pension by a court in Germany?

Which are the reasons for divorce in both of the jurisdictions?

How much maintenance will I get?

Can I get a lump sum to get a clean break?

What are the financial aspects of a German divorce (Zugewinnausgleich)?

So, what are your experiences and questions? Get started for this side of the blog!